We organize our team around capabilities, not siloed industry verticals. This fosters a collaborative culture that results in quicker insights and rapid decision-making.


Our leadership team, who has worked together for an average of 16 years prior to founding Arcline, has built a flat organizational structure that empowers team members to communicate openly, be creative, and make quick decisions. The result is an uncommon degree of emergent behavior which leads to predictable yet unimaginable outcomes.

Business Development

Our business development team is one of the largest and most experienced in the industry. The team—which generates opportunities by engaging a network of over 1,000+ investment bankers, brokers, private equity firms and corporates—conducts every interaction with integrity and thoughtfulness toward "win-win" outcomes.


Our underwriting team is responsible for balancing the risks and rewards of each investment, as well as quarterbacking all transactions. They focus on the big picture, moving extremely fast but never cutting corners.

Research & Strategy

Our Research & Strategy team develops rapid insights into end markets and industry structures. In addition, they provide thought leadership on deal thesis development and company-specific due diligence.

Portfolio Operations

Our portfolio operations team is comprised of senior operating professionals with an average of 20+ years of experience across numerous disciplines. Their highly verticalized, functional depth drives differentiated value within our portfolio companies, without being invasive.