A Word from Our Partners

We take the process of building powerful partnerships seriously. See what our partners have to say about their experience working with Arcline.

Portfolio Company Leaders

Akron Biotech

“When we entered this partnership, we were aware of the reputation that private equity has as an industry… we joined forces with Arcline because we believed that they worked differently, and that they would commit to the realization of our vision. Not only were we right, but our experience has been beyond our expectations. Collaborating with the Arcline team has allowed us to develop and implement a robust commercial strategy and greater operational efficiency. Arcline has proven time and again that they are willing to get into the weeds and solve problems alongside us, unlocking our potential and allowing us to reach higher. Working with Arcline has been enriching and we are excited for the road ahead.”

Claudia Zylerberg, Executive chairman


“MAST ran a thorough transaction process, with sending out over 60 CIMs, and providing over 15 management presentations. It became very clear early on in the process that Arcline was the company where we would entrust the future of our business. The entire team was a pleasure to work with. Arcline asked all the right questions and were able to close the transaction in a very expedient and efficient manner. MAST ownership remains invested in the business and looks forward to a long relationship with IPS.”

Andrew Sundsmo, President/CEO

Standard Elevator Systems (SES)

“Throughout the sale process I was impressed by Arcline’s depth of industry knowledge, speed of execution, and how easy they were to work with. We were able to move from a signed LOI to a closed deal in less than a month which was possible due to the transparency and collaborative spirit their team brought to the diligence process. My vision for Standard has been to be the go-to supplier of elevator and escalator mechanics and partnering with Arcline provides an opportunity to see that vision through to fruition.”

Jimmy He, President

OnBoard Systems

“We were on the verge of a drastic growth curve at the time of the Arcline acquisition, so naturally there was some hesitation that a new owner might want to make sweeping changes or disrupt the foundation we had built. Rather, Arcline took the time to learn the business and understand what makes us unique, and then proceeded to find ways to support and enable our growth, while also removing constraints to help us see and pursue new growth channels that previously seemed unattainable. They have demonstrated their core values of low ego and the 80/20 rule…focusing on the most important things that have the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Cory VanBuskirk, President

Evans Capacitor Company (Quantic)

“As a majority family-owned company, with a strong culture and exceptional employee loyalty, we were looking for a partner that was committed to maintaining the same values. The Arcline team demonstrated an understanding of our complex technology, our deep customer relationships, and the importance of our cultural model. They followed through on all their commitments and truly embraced our employee programs with enthusiasm, making them an ideal partner to help drive the next phase of Evans’ growth.”

Charlie Dewey, Co-Founder, CEO

Chargepoint Technologies

Arcline are unlike any other equity partner we have come across, their approach, team and way of working are unique. Partnering with them is an incredible opportunity for us to further strengthen our commitment to delivering high-quality world class process solutions for our customers. Through our early discussions it was clear that Arcline share our energy, focus and passion, a powerful synergy which will now further catalyse the innovation of our products and improve the support we offer customers across the globe. Throughout the process, Arcline were straightforward and open in their approach with us. The team at Arcline are undoubtedly the best partner for ChargePoint to build the process solution platforms of the future ”

Chris Eccles, CEO

American Holt

“After 26 years of consistent growth, I felt it was time to bring in a partner with the skills and the capital to take American Holt to the next level. We have a great team, and it was important to me to keep that team together. In Arcline, we have an experienced partner with a demonstrated record of success. Arcline’s impressive pool of investors served to confirm that we made the right choice. Key employees made significant investments in our future growth with Arcline. Together we will grow our replacement parts offering, which in turn will benefit our customers as well. In choosing Arcline, we did not choose the highest offer, we chose the right offer.”

Jon Levy, CEO

Integrated Polymer Solutions (IPS)

“IPS has been part of the Arcline family for almost 20 months and our experience couldn’t be better. Arcline’s inclusive, collaborative, and transparent culture combined with a strong growth mindset has been a perfect match for IPS. What is remarkable in many ways is how we have been able to more-than-double our business in the short time we have been partners while at the same time building on our open culture and core values. Their astute understanding of what’s important to our employees as well as how to build on the value of the enterprise in the marketplace has been extremely impressive. Everyone on the entire Arcline team have always lived by their word and commitments and have been pleasure to partner with.”

Rich McManus, CEO

Resolution Medical

“We spoke with several parties before ultimately selecting Arcline as our partner. Arcline was unique compared to the others, demonstrating clear alignment with our employee- and customer-focused culture and values. The transaction process was very smooth with no surprises. They did what they said they would and delivered on their commitments. Working with Arcline has been equally smooth, with them providing support when needed but otherwise allowing us to keep operating independently. Our partnership has allowed us to establish ourselves as a platform company and maintain our team, culture, and company while accelerating down the path of long-term growth. Arcline has provided investment when needed, such as with greenfielding our new manufacturing facility, and investing in personnel, including expanding our leadership and engineering teams. Additionally, our partnership has opened up M&A as a new growth vector for us, with one already completed and more in our pipeline. We look forward to our continued partnership and the bright future of Resolution Medical!”
Shawn Patternson, CCO, Co-Founder & Steve Schmidt, Senior Advisor, Co-Founder

Shawn Patterson, CCO, Co-Founder

Steve Schmidt, Senior Advisor, Co-Founder

Pride Engineering

“I’ve been impressed with the Arcline team’s ability to grasp the opportunities in our industry and our vision to turn it into growth for our company. Smart people working collaboratively with us to realize our vision for growth. They helped us think differently as well to create new opportunities and used their extensive network to bring us the resources we need to reach our full potential. We have had difficulty in the past identifying appropriate acquisition opportunities and Arcline has found acquisition targets we did not know existed. We very much enjoy working with the Arcline team and appreciate their transparent, straight forward approach paired with the ability to move quickly.”

Greg Pickert, CEO


“When I was looking for my next role, I wanted to find a fund that had it all: growth (vs. cost-cuts), speed, access to capital, and an exceptional culture. I found it all with Arcline, the third sponsor I’ve worked with as a CEO. In the 6 months I’ve worked with them, they have exceeded my expectations across the board: we’ve made 5 acquisitions and doubled equity capital earmarked for our platform, Quantic. Arcline’s pragmatic approach to valuation and willingness to move quickly is a big differentiator that enables us to grow faster than anyone imagined possible. The team at Arcline is transparent, has integrity, and is fun to work with. Partnering with this team has been the highlight of my professional career and I am confident the right pieces are in place for Quantic and Arcline to build a billion-dollar business, in record time.”

Kevin Perhamus, CEO

Businesses Who Have Transacted With Us

Federal Equipment Co. (FEC)

“We had a very positive experience working with the Arcline team on the sale of our company. Arcline did significant upfront research and demonstrated a deep understanding of our business, enabling us to move extremely fast through confirmatory diligence. We were introduced to Arcline in late October, signed an LOI on December 3rd and closed on New Year’s Eve.  I do not believe another buyer could have closed on this timeline. The Arcline team was collaborative, honest, and professional throughout the process. They are a growth-oriented firm, and they created compelling roles for management team members/selling shareholders, including myself, who wished to remain and run the business post-closing. It has been a pleasure to work with Arcline leading up to and following the sale of FEC.”
Ross Eubanks & Doug Ridenour

Ross Eubanks

Doug Ridenour


Transforming Cooper and making it a successful business once again was a monumental task for me and my leadership team. We needed a partner that would provide us guidance and support while allowing us the autonomy to make quick and meaningful decisions in the fast-paced environment we operate within.  Arcline has been that partner.   The Arcline team is always there to offer high level and expert advice on a variety of topics, and they have been particularly excellent at advising us on the many acquisitions we have made as a company in the last 2 years.  But Arcline also realized that this management team understands our business better than anyone, and they have provided us the maneuverability and sovereignty needed to make this endeavor profitable and successful in a short period of time.

John Sargent


“Arcline and its portfolio company, Fairbanks Morse Defense, were friendly, professional and a pleasure to work with. The goals and objectives of the transaction were clearly laid out and followed through without exception. We saw that the capabilities and accomplishments of Maxim were an excellent fit for the vision laid out by FMD. The due diligence effort was thorough but practical and very efficient. The structuring and closing of the deal were honest, transparent and straight forward. The diligence and closing process did not interfere with the operations of our small business and occurred in a very timely manner. Maxim is looking forward to being part of the FMD team.”

Brian Herbert

EnPro (Fairbanks Morse Defense)

“The Arcline team was great to work with as a counterparty on a transaction. They researched our company and the industry thoroughly before we began discussions and were grounded in their investment thesis. While they were rigorous in their diligence of our company, they focused on the business’s key value drivers and were not distracted by miscellaneous complications. They showed integrity and respect throughout diligence, negotiations and the post-close period. I would be happy to engage with them on another transaction in the future.”

Chris O'Neal, CFO


“We had previously conducted a formal process that nearly resulted in a sale, but something was missing… a clear understanding of how the buyer would continue to grow the business that I had cultivated. Along came Arcline… Arcline understood our business and value proposition from the onset and had a clear strategy to build upon Glebar’s past success. We had minimal disruption to our business during diligence and they closed within 30 days of signing a LOI without any changes to material terms. As I have transitioned into an advisory role, they have executed on their plan, including closing four add on acquisitions. I clearly chose the right partner and they were worth the wait.”

Adam Cook, Chairman, CEO


“Over the years, our team has built Dwyer into the leading manufacturer of sensors and instruments for mission-critical applications across diverse industries. Pushing Dwyer forward has been one of my life’s passions, and I am exceptionally proud of this team and this Company. My goal was to successfully transfer the company to a new owner capable of driving the next phase of growth, while protecting the identity, reputation, customer relationships, and the culture of Dwyer. Arcline clearly presented themselves as an organization that aligned with my expectations, and I could not be happier with the transition and the direction that the company is taking.”

Steve Clark, Chairman

IRP Medical

“After running a robust process with 93 NDA’s signed, 77 CIM’s distributed and 22 offers we chose Arcline/IPS preemptively because of their speed and ability to remove any obstacles in the transaction while ensuring quick and optimal contractual agreements. The entire team was a pleasure to work with and we remain investors in IPS because of the vision of becoming the premier go to elastomer group.”

Rod Trujillo, Founder, CEO


“Having been involved in many M&A transactions dealing with Arcline, even pre-close, has been an experience focused on building value in our business as opposed to just a financial transaction. The Arcline team is composed of functional business expertise that identified our growth potential as both a standalone business and more importantly as a key element in building a larger market leading platform company. Arcline understood the value inherent in our company and did not impose a standardized playbook but immediately added to our company’s strengths resources allowing us realize our longer term strategy today.”

Chris McNary, President

Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI)

“It’s not cliché to say that over the last 30 years PMI has become more than a business, we have created a family. From the beginning, the Arcline team asked all the right questions. They understood our culture, our business, our customers and our complex technology. Now, as part of a group of world-class electronic manufacturers, we have the ability for new levels of collaboration which will open new doors and accelerate PMI’s success. It was clear from our first discussion that the Arcline team was the right partner to help write PMI’s next chapter.”

Dr. Ash Gorwara, Founder, CEO

Icon Aerospace

“Icon Aerospace was not actively looking to exit the business when Arcline and IPS approached us. However, it soon became very clear that their vision for the future of Icon and our own were perfectly aligned. Their open, honest and transparent approach, combined with a highly pragmatic approach to valuation were also key factors in our decision to partner with them. The actual transaction process was everything they said it would be. They acted with a high degree of structure, speed, and when needed were flexible and trusting in Management information provided.”

Craig Harris, CEO

IRP Medical

“Working with Rich and the Arcline team was a pleasure. Their understanding of our business allowed them to move from an IOI to a definitive agreement in 11 days…During the period between signing and closing, Rich and his team began the process of understanding our management systems and our people. This gave us comfort that post closing our team would be in good hands. We very much appreciated IPS’s thoughtfulness to our people.”

Casper Zublin, President

PDC Machines

“As a family-owned business, choosing the right partner, not just a partner, to support us through our next stage of growth was of the utmost importance. Arcline shares our core values of humility, collaboration, and a growth mindset, as well as a passion for supporting the future of clean energy, making them an ideal partner for the PDC family. The future couldn’t be brighter for PDC.”

Kareem Afzal

Certain statements about Arcline made by current and former portfolio company executives herein are intended to illustrate Arcline’s business relationship with such persons, including with respect to Arcline’s facilities as a business partner, rather than Arcline’s capabilities or expertise with respect to investment advisory services.  Such portfolio company executives were not compensated in connection with their participation, although certain executives receive compensation and investment opportunities in connection with their portfolio company roles, and in certain cases are also owners of portfolio company securities and/or investors in Arcline-sponsored vehicles. Such compensation and investments subject participants to potential conflicts of interest in making the statements herein.

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