Built to See the Unseen


Breakout-First Investing

Our purpose is to create value by identifying and unlocking the breakout potential of our portfolio companies.

Our internal culture of extreme transparency, relentless knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and analytical rigor consistently translates insights into results.

As owners, we fully empower our management teams to achieve outsized returns by encouraging a fluid, design-thinking approach that overrides the fear of the unknown in the pursuit of greater value.

Our Investment Focus

We are a private equity firm with $1.5B in committed capital. We only invest in niche, market-leading companies that we feel passionate about owning.

We seek businesses between $10M and $100M in EBITDA and valued up to $1B.

We are deliberately sector generalists, and take a multidisciplinary approach to investing across industries. Our primary areas of interest include Industrials, Technology, Life Sciences, and Specialty Chemicals.